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Korczakianum’s seat

DOM SIEROT (Children’s Home)

Korczakianum is located in the historic „Dom Sierot” (Children’s Home) building. Before and during WW2 it was located at 92 Krochmalna Street, which today is 6 Jaktorowska Street.

The several-storey edifice was erected between 1911 and 1912 with help of Warsaw Jews contributions collected by the „Pomoc dla Sierot” Association – the institution that financed Dom Sierot throughout its existence.

Korczak (the Director of Dom Sierot), together with Stefania Wilczyńska (its head educator) and the first pupils, moved in on October 7th 1912.


The residents were forced to leave their home in November 1940 since that part of Krochmalna Street was outside the borders of the Warsaw Ghetto (which at that time, called into existence by the Germans, was becoming a reality). In 1943/44 the building was occupied by German institutions – probably the only reason why it was not brought down during the Warsaw Uprising.


After the war the building housed multiple residents and organizations (a journalist school, to name one) and finally in 1957, after a comprehensive makeover, it was decided to turn it back into a guardian/educational facility, the Janusz Korczak’s Children’s Home No. 2.